The real Mark Kelly

Mark Kelly: Not Who He Says He Is

2011-02-04 Kelly Moustache Smile.JPG

Mark Kelly is not who he says he is.

He won’t tell Arizonans where he stands… and will stop at nothing to hide his past.

  • He says family is important... but fundraised with Canada’s top deadbeat Dad (then lied about it)

  • He says he’s “against corporate money”... but has taken hundreds of thousands from corporate CEOs and lobbyists

  • He talks about the importance of education... but took money from taxpayer funded universities (and tried to hide it) 

  • He says he’s for transparency... but refuses to disclose his political fundraisers

Who is the real Mark Kelly? What is he trying to hide?


“Mark Kelly shuns corporate PACs. But his ties with corporate money are more complicated”

-AZ Central

“Mark Kelly’s yearslong corporate speaking tour clashes with ‘no corporate PAC money’ pledge”

-The Intercept